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Z-Invest Club is a group developed for young people from the Z generation (those born between 1995 and 2010) who seek to learn more about investments in order to better manage their financial assets throughout life. 


Bearing in mind that financial literacy, especially concerning investments, is a topic relevant to every single individual, our club is not exclusively directed to those who wish to work in financial markets, but to all members of the Z generation. 


Benefits of being a member of Z-Invest Club:

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Lectures with market professionals

Research reports from partner companies

Access to our curriculum database

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Daily news

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Exclusive members' page at Z-Invest's website

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Closed group

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Our lecture-based activities aim to:

  1. Provide investment concepts and contents to our members

  2. Convey different possibilities of career paths through ou guest speaker’s past experiences

  3. Ensure our members are in contact with market professionals from different areas among financial markets and incentivise dialogue between them

In the second semester of 2020, the period during which we initiated our actives, we received 9 speakers to talk about various topics related to investments and the financial market. Given the pandemic period, all of our lectures were held via zoom. However, we shall increasingly have face-to-face lectures and in-person visits to companies.

Research reports

All Z-Invest Club members have daily access to special market reports produced by Eleven Financial, a special partner of ours.


Topics included are:

  • Equities

  • Macro-Economic scenario

  • Political scenario 

Curriculums database

Z-Invest’s database aims to:


✓ Offer Z-Invest members work opportunities in the financial and capital markets

✓ Consolidate our members’ curricula  and highlight their individual interests in specific areas regarding financial markets

✓ Attach academic information, such as grades, certificates and performance to our members' CVs and make them available to companies.


In the first half of 2021, all members will have their curricula formatted in the Z-Invest standard.


Moreover, all information will be available our database, structured to Power BI methods. Thus, with the use of filters and algorithms, companies will be able to make the best profile choices according to their needs, which shall match ou member’s appointed interests.

2020 Guest Speakers

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