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Investment Education for School Students

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What we do?

We offer the creation, development and implementation of study groups with the theme of investments in the format of complementary or extracurricular activities for primary and secondary schools.

The specific study group format we provide is customizable to each institution's needs and desires, but tend to follow the following (annual) format:

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Encontros periódicos utilizando conteúdo Z-Invest

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Internal competitions and group projects

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Aproximadamente 30

alunos por curso

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Competições internacionais com o auxílio do Z-Invest e empresas parceiras

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Periodic lectures with market professionals

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Prizes for internal competitions, such as office vacation internships

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Use of Z-Invest's own material

Student-run model

In addition to offering the model where our team is in charge of conducting classes, we also have the option of eventually implementing the same course but in a student-run fashion. In this context, we are responsible for conditioning students from the institution itself, who will then be responsible for transmitting content.


In the student-run format Z-Invest is also be responsible for:


  • Developing the course’s content, such as presentations and handouts

  • Development of internal competitions

  • Assistance and guidance for external and international competitions

  • Inviting guest speakers

  • Orientation and implementation of selective processes

  • General course logistics


We present the student-run format as a possible means following a full cycle of the course given by our team, so that future students responsible for the project may have previously spent a full year in the learning end.


Z-Invest Materials

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70-pages Handbook

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Lesson presentations

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Activities & competitions

Past Lecturers

Guest Speakers

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